Message from IRC Leadership

We are honored to present the IRC’s annual report for 2015, a year in which our tireless staff members and volunteers rose to the many challenges of a world where more than 60 million people have been displaced by conflict and war.

Thanks to your vital support, the IRC is on the frontlines of the global displacement crisis, delivering lifesaving services that have made a difference in the lives of over 23 million of the most vulnerable across the globe.

Everywhere, there is more distress and greater need. And the world requires not just more aid, but better aid. Better aid that is based on evidence and maximizes impact. Better aid that unites refugees and host populations rather than dividing them, that offers the ways and means to recovery and renewal and not just a safety blanket. Nowhere are these demands more urgent than in the Middle East and Europe. With 13.5 million people in need of immediate humanitarian assistance, Syria is clearly the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. How we respond to this crisis will define our generation in history.

We are proud that the IRC has reached more than 3.3 million Syrians with lifesaving services since the onset of the crisis in 2012. And proud to be the only international aid organization acting on all fronts: delivering aid inside Syria and to neighboring countries, supporting refugees at transit points in Europe, and helping them to resettle in the United States. With your support, we will continue this vital work in 2016 and beyond.

As they step down as co-chairs of our board, we would like to thank Thomas Schick and Sarah O’Hagan for their leadership and dedication over the past six years. Their expert stewardship has enabled the IRC to grow and carry out its humanitarian mission at a time of momentous challenge.

Speaking on behalf of our Board, Overseers and IRC colleagues, and all those served by the IRC, we want to express our appreciation to you, our donors, and thank you for your continuing generosity and support.


image-landscape-1 The IRC's President and CEO David Miliband visits Lesbos to witness first hand the huge influx of refugees arriving every day. While there he spoke with a number of people about their experiences coming over, their experience since they arrived and how IRC can help.
image-landscape-2 David Miliband on a visit to the Mae Lah camp on the Thailand-Myanmar border. The IRC is aiding nearly 140,000 refugees in nine camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border, providing drinking water and food as well as health care, sanitation, protection for children and abused women, and legal assistance and resettlement processing.